The town of Alghero is definitely one of the most characteristic places in Sardinia. It has about 45,000 inhabitants and is located in the northwestern part of the Nurra region. The area has been inhabited since ancient times, as shown by the presence of the Neolithic necropolis of Anghelu Ruiu and the Palmavera Nuraghe.

Alghero is known as Barceloneta (Little Barcelona) thanks to its links with Spain, but is also famous for its so-called Coral Riviera. Coral fishing is still practised in the seas off Alghero, supervised and protected by the Sardinian regional authorities.

The town owes its unique character to its quaint old centre, which probably dates back to the first half of the 13th century.

Alghero is a charming town, and a visit to the old centre with its art and culture is a must. You should also explore the surrounding area, with its white beaches and rocky cliffs, including the spectacular promontory of Capo Caccia and the famous caves of Neptune.

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